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Paranormal Thriller

Chad Miller has a B.A. in psychology from Syracuse University and a Pharm D. from the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia. Chad has been crafting his writing for 25 years and is proud to announce his debut novel, Doyle & Braham in The Prisoner of Fear. He is a Pharmacist and lives in drab and lifeless Delaware. Chad is a Philadelphia native and dreams of visions of Moscow and Philadelphia. He is currently learning the Russian language. Luckily he's in love and lives with his girlfriend Natasha and her daughter Sasha, and his three children Killian, Willow, and, Halina.

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Chad Miller

Philadelphia 1889, and I, John Doyle remain restless. My greatest fear is my mortality, the endless, eternal void that awaits me in the end, and so I choose to investigate mysteries, sightings, and obscurities that fall through the cracks from the local authorities. I have an obsessive need to prove that my fear is a fallacy. I was dwelling in my skepticism when I received a letter informing me that my friend, Dr. Charles Thorton, was missing after he returned home to treat his ailing childhood friend, who contracted an inexplicable illness that transformed her into an abomination. Along with my miserable colleague, Thomas Braham, I set off to find my friend and investigate the strange happenings that led up to Dr. Thorton’s disappearance. My journey led me to Ashford, Ct. and what dark, carnivorous, and terrifying events I would witness in my endeavors still causes me to quiver beneath my bedsheets. Even after seeing these horrendous sights, I still sense a sadness lurking. I can see a kidnapped soul trapped in a dank and dark tiled cell. This prisoner clings to hope that someone will pick up the breadcrumbs and follow the trail that will lead to liberation. I have a feeling that everything is connected in some strange and mysterious way. Join Thomas and I on a discovery and see what unearthly things we can uncover, as we might tempt fate and darkness in order to quell my fear.

            To life and light,

            John Doyle

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