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Ian Snowball is born and raised in Kent, England. He has had thirty-three books published which are a mixture of fiction and non-fiction and ghost-writing works, mostly all related to music, with bands and artists such as Th Beatles, The Who, The Jam, Oasis, Paul Weller and Keith Moon. Three of Ian’s books (Keith Moon-There is no Substitute, Thick as Thieves (Personal Situations with The Jam, and That’s Entertainment (with Rick Buckler) have reached the number one best-selling spots in various Amazon categories. Sky and the Bell Guardians has been Ian’s debut children’s book.

Josie Snowball, also born and raised in Kent, England has loved reading books since she was big enough to roll her own snowballs, and toss them at her dad. Josie attends a grammar school in her home town and volunteers in the library weekly. Her days her spent enjoying education and doing her homework, and any free time she gets is spent reading and jotting down ideas for stories. Sky and the Bell Guardians has been Josie’s debut children’s book and she’s currently plotting the follow up…and continues to nag her dad for pocket money to buy more books.

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Ian and Josie Snowball

About Sky and the Bell Guardians.
When Josie was eight, going on nine, she asked her dad if he’d write a story for her. She’d be noticing him tapping away on his computer, as he was currently one of his books. Dad’s reply was ‘no Josie, but we can write one together’. Every other Saturday morning (and often before it was light) Josie and her dad would share our ideas for a story, create characters and themes, and plot story lines and Sky and the Bell Guardians began to take shape. It was such fun to do and both daughter and dad have fond memories of spending those Saturday mornings collaborating on their book.
Ian then approached his dear friend Richard who he knew liked to spend time creating illustrations for his own pleasure and Sky and the Bell Guardians became his first book commission.
Sky and the Bell Guardians was a project that Josie and Ian wanted to do purely for the enjoyment of getting creative and doing something special together.

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