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Middle Grade Fiction

“Fall nine times, get up ten.” I don’t know who is the originator of that quote, but it pretty well sums up my life.  Keila was raised in the country in west central Wisconsin surrounded by loving parents, two younger brothers and always many animals. She comes from a very large extended family, encompassing over 40 first cousins.  She started riding horses when she was very young, due to the influence of an Aunt and Uncle with horses and a farm. She got her own first horse at the age of eight, raised and trained by her Great Uncle who respected and encouraged her passion. She graduated in 1996 from UW – River Falls with a degree in Biology, and minoring in Equine Science.  During high school, college and after college, she worked off-and-on as a Veterinary Assistant, in a pet supply store, in retail, and as an animal shelter caretaker and manager. She has worked data entry jobs,  fast food, cashier jobs and even as a trainer in a gym.  One of her favorite experiences was working as an office manager for an organization using animal assisted therapy for kids with developmental challenges. A lot of those kids had varying degrees of Autism, but through their interactions with trained therapists and animals, they often showed stunning improvements both physically and intellectually. She now lives on a hobby farm in Northern Wisconsin with a husband, a teenage daughter, dogs, cats, horses, chickens, Guinea fowl and lots of dirt!  She discovered she likes cooking, though not baking, for maintaining their gluten free lifestyle. She is a stay-at-home Mom, writer and equine business owner. She has raised and trained her own arabian horses for most of her life, but officially went into it as a professional in 2006. Since her mobility and balance issues continue to progress, she is on a continuous learning curve to safely and effectively train her horses, hoping to use the knowledge and passion for horses to empower others.

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Coming in 2022

A Story of Friendship and Horses coming soon in 2022 from Keila Aartila is a story that is sure to please all of the family but especially your middle grade children that are interested in horses.

Coming Soon
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