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This veteran’s widow is a stay-at-home mom who finds adventure in writing and parenting four daughters.  Graduating in May 2020 with a BA in Christian Ministry from Trevecca Nazarene University, Maureen dove back into writing the first in The Protector series.  She is excited for readers to meet Elizabeth Strong and follow her and she obeys God’s will and works to stop people who seek to cause others harm.

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Maureen Myers Koeppel

Elizabeth Strong is a young woman who awakens at age 16 years with no memories of her life before that moment, no voice unless God opens it for a brief time, and with gifts that she often uses to help others. 

Book 1:

            Set in Kominah, parallel Earth whose has two things that differentiate it from Earth, the rate Kominah progresses and its lavender-hued waters.  Inside Kominah are small villages with people who have extraordinary gifts.  One thing remains the same – all of the girls receive their gifts upon hitting puberty, the boys don’t gain their gifts until they marry and bond with a girl.  However, Moira and Demetria who twins receive their gifts from birth and this causes the village to fear them. Moira especially has five gifts telekinesis, shield, healing, empathic, and strength.  She is engaged to marry and bond with Eoghan the son of her parents best friends Aidan and Aoife. 

Several days before she is to bond with her love, Eoghan, Moira is taken by the village with her twin sister Demetria and beaten and sentenced to death for helping an Outlier family escape.  After their parents rescue them, Demetria is forced into Moira’s body, and their family blocks Moira’s memories and her voice to protect her and the family and she is separated from Eoghan. 

The parents and family take the girls to the home of Dr. Nathaniel Strong and his wife Eleanor and left in their care.  The girls are allowed to choose their names and Moira becomes Elizabeth and Demetria becomes Katherine. 

Twenty-five years after waking, Elizabeth is aboard The Majestic on Kominah preparing with her parents and their family friend and housekeeper Avelina Mayhew to travel to Bellah and then on to Earth since Dr. Strong has been offered a job in New York City as their head coroner.  What no one knows is Elizabeth is not the only one on board with gifts.  A killer also boards the ship and Ethan McTavish who used to be Eoghan.  He has spent twenty-five years searching for the girl he was intended to marry and he has given up until the dreams become more vivid and frequent again – this only occurs when Moira is close. 

As the voyage gets underway Elizabeth and her father end up performing autopsies on men whose brains have been melted inside their heads.  Each man has engaged in sexual intercourse and died horrifically painful deaths.  Who is killing them and why? 

Also on board is Special Investigator Maxwell Gryhm who has been searching for a young woman with extraordinary gifts but he has been forced to return to Bellah by his superiors.  After Elizabeth and her friend Thomas Newton a black man are attacked by four men, Maxwell meets Elizabeth and quickly realizes she is the woman he has been seeking but now he has a different problem – someone is killing men on board and the Captain asks for his assistance. 

Together, Maxwell and Elizabeth hunt for the killer and this exposes Elizabeth to the ship and those around her.  Can Elizabeth and Maxwell find the killer in time?  Will Ethan find Elizabeth?  Can God truly heal those who are broken? 

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