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Michael Matrozos is an American author.  Born in Greece, his childhood in Greece influences his writing, as you will see in his first novel Postcards from Lethe.  Married to his lovely wife for the last 53 years, they met on a blind date while both attending Washington State University.  Michael and his wife Harriet have one son and one daughter, as well as 4 granddaughters and one grandson.  All four of his granddaughters are wonderful artists.  His grandson is also a fantastic artist, who designs and makes high-end jewelry.  The cover of Postcards from Lethe was painted by Michael’s granddaughter Dafni Milan.  It depicts their family home in Greece.  Michael retired in December 2020 as a chemical engineer, he now spends his time writing.  He has finished four novels since his retirement, In addition, to Postcards from Lethe he has plans to finish his Trilogy Waiting for the Barbarians by the end of 2022.  His new passion is filling his library with volumes of his own books.  He is on his way to that goal.  We are proud and excited to bring these novels of speculative fiction to our readers at Hear Our Voice.

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Michael Matrozos

This speculative fiction is a memoir of the author's trip to Greece to attend his father’s funeral, visiting the places he grew up and re-living the memories of his childhood during the Greek civil war, which took place a few years after the second World War.  He finds out, reading his father’s diary and notes, that unknown to him, his father was the leader of the naval resistance in Greece; how he built the Greek Navy from nothing, his adventures fighting the German occupation forces and the only survivor of the naval resistance leadership.  The author finds out what happened to the Jewish gold, while sinister forces from the past in search of the same gold are hunting him down in a game of cat and mouse.

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